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May 13, 2017
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Vocal Characteristics

Vocal type : Lirico Mezzo Soprano

Vocal range: C3 – G#5 (chest – mixed) - Bb5 (head voice)

Tessitura: G3 - C5 (chest mixed) - G5 (head voice)

Supported range: F3 - C#5 (chest – mixed) - A5 (head voice)

6.5 /10 SKILL

Lowest note: C3

Highest belting note: G#5

Highest head voice note: Bb5

Vocal Positives

  • Huong Tram’s biggest advantage her gifted tough, huge volumed and thick mezzo soprano, a mixture of metal timbre and wood timbre.

 The metal side in a mezzo soprano like HT will increase the succession, sharpness and trenchancy. Her voice in middle range will sound solid and firm but at the high range, it will sound bright and sharp.

 On the other hand, the wood aspect makes her voice warm, soft, spongy and get a little dark when she sings gently. Because of that, HT can sing very sweet and soft mezza voce without being sour or over-done. Her piano head voiced parts give a soft, yet solid feeling and aren’t thin at all.

From 2:08 to 3:12 :

  •  This mixture is a big forte for HT to perform powerful ballads emotionally, naturally without trying too hard to make her voice sound tough and powerful.

 In fact, HT can do powerful ballads pretty well. She can be soft and melodious, or strain with inner-force.

 A very famous Vietnamese singer Bảo Yến once said that she rarely listens to young artists, but she is impressed by HT’s voice and adores her voice’s natural thickness.

  • HT’s next forte is her full, clear way of pronunciation. It is the result of her efforts in practice using the general accent while being a coastal born. HT pronounces neatly, firmly and the words aren’t stick together. This is a need in a young singer.
  • When HT sings ballad, she is subtle. She legatos softly and has the same pronunciation with Hồ Quỳnh Hương.
  • HT’s suitable range is from B4 to D5. In this range, she has a thick, tough and cosy belting voice, but doesn’t get sharp nor give a tiring feeling.

 For instance, in this live performance, her belting F4, A4, A#4 and B4 is full, tough, not resonant but still able to fill the stage with emotions, doesn’t give a tiring feeling. Especially, she even cracked the loudspeaker with the volume of her belting C5 without using all of her efforts, yet doesn’t sound like she was showing off or going overboard. On the other hand, her soft and gentle D4, Eb4 notes are warm and sweet. Her lightly mixed A#4 are also soft with soft and emotional legato.

 The low notes like G3, G#3 are also well supported with subtle and emotional pronunciation.

 The natural thickness in her middle range is a big forte of HT. In the below live performance, the middle notes are so think and tough that they drowned Trúc Nhân’s voice and cracked the loudspeaker, although she was singing naturally and not showing off. She belted F#4 at the word “nữa” with comfort yet thick and dark like a tenor. At this point, HT can definitely perform with mezzo contraltos like Thanh Lam, Thu Phương, Hoàng Quyên… without being drowned.

Or in this live performance, despite having to sing with a spinto sporano - Leanne Mitchell, HT was not drowned by Leanne at middle range although her larynx was a bit lowered.

  •  HT is not that professional in using her mixed voice, but her mixed voice is not bad at all. Actually, it’s quite good for a thick, heavy mezzo like her.

 For instance, in the song Ta còn thuộc về nhau, HT belted a chain of F#5 with full inner-force, though wasn’t really well supported and balanced.

 F#5 continued to sustain in Cho em gần anh thêm chút nữa.

 In this performance, B4 was sang with inner-force and switched to F5 accurately though with a bit strain.

  • Like the aforementioned, HT stands out for her pronunciation skill: feminine, emotional, subtle and accurate. Moreover, HT has her own pronouncing style, fills with the pop ballad feeling yet embellished with R&B in her way of using melisma/run/riff.
  • HT’s switching range is quite flexible and colorful. Her phrases are normally quite thick and dark, but at the hanging parts when she raises the tone, she has a bright and fluent mix in her voice.
  • HT’s head voice is also quite great and can reach to Bb5.

Vocal Negatives

  • HT’s mixed voice is not actually well-trained. The belting notes from C#5 and above will eventually loose the control and strained, she will also raise her larynx, loose her placement, lack of balance and make the notes off-key, lack of pitch.
  • HT sometimes doesn’t master her chesty singing and breath control. There are times when she can strongly belt F#5 with full inner-force, and there are times when she is strained and looses control when it was only a C#5.
  • Despite being a mezzo soprano, HT is blurry and lacks of support when she sing the notes below F3.
  • HT sometimes represses and lower her larynx to squeeze the middle range, make it lack of resonance and wideness though the volume and thickness is still remained.
  • HT’s vibrato is unpredictable, unfirm and not accurately controlled.
  • Sometimes, HT’s pronunciation is a bit sharp and go overboard on emphasizing the words.

In conclusion, HT has the forte in her timbre. Her skills are not bad either, but she’s still only considered as an average and needs more time in training.

Mình là Thảo Phương, một cô gái với âm nhạc là nguồn sống ^^. Mình đã từng được vào vòng đối đầu của The Voice và hiện giờ vẫn đang trên con đường làm ca sĩ :).

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