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May 13, 2017
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May 13, 2017

 There are 5 seperated types of vocal in the Easterns: Metal type, Wood type, Water type, Earth type and Fire type. In which, earth type is quite an original voice and easy to be noticed. This is the voice type with the earth nature which has its bass and negative.

 One of a typical earth with negative is Khanh Ly.

Some Features of an Earth Voice

  • he timbre is always dark and is the darkest among the 5.
  • The voice is usually thicker than the other 4 types (not with all).
  • The tessitura is often lies at the lower range, so they can sing well the low range and middle-low range (4th octave and below).
  • The vocal range is often not too wide.
  • High volume and warm voice.

According to the sorting of ancient vocal music, earth type includes:

  • Bass
  • Bass - baritone
  • Contralto
  • Mezzo alto

 The earths are often mistaken with fires, since there are many fire types are mezzo-altos such as Hồ Ngọc Hà, Amy Winehouse, Ngọc Anh,…etc. However, fires always have their own natural hoarseness and more flexible. On the other hand, the earths are always “pure-earth”, so they are deeper and darker.

Some Examples

 Typical earth voice or so-called basso profondo (or profondo) is a rare voice type, usually seen in cold areas like Russian, West Europe. The best example for this voice type is Ivan Rebroff. He can reach F1, sing with high volume in the 2nd octave with comfort and sounds hoarse like a tank or the echoes from hell.

 Tim Storm, the man with the deepest voice in the world is also a typical earth voice. He can reach G#0 and comfortably sing in the 1st octave.

 Lighter than a basso is a bass cantante, for example: Avi Kaplan.

 In VN, Trần Hiếu and Thanh Long are the 2 most typical earths. In which, Trần Hiếu is a rare bass cantante, and Thanh Long is a bass – baritone.

Trần Hiếu

Thanh Long

 In female voices, dramatic contraltos are the most typical earths, solid by the dark, deep, thick and rough sides with a man tone, the tessitura lies in the whole 3th octave and the first half of the 4th.

Galina Baranova

Nina Simone

 The more typical earths in female voices are lirico contraltos such as Marian Anderson, Cher, Mercedes Sosa, Marla Glen, Tanita Tikaram, Ana Carolina, Tracy Chapman, Moon Ju Ran, Dalida, Toni Braxton…, with the same above qualities, but more of the soft side.

Marian Anderson


Toni Braxton

Moon Ju Ran

 The mezzo altos like Etta Jame, Edith Piaff, Karen Carpenter, Mahalia Jackson, Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey, Mahalia Jackson, Mai Diễm Phương… are also considered as earths.

Mai Diễm Phương

Mahalia Jackson

Karen Carpenter

 Since there are rarely an alto in VN, so the mezzo-altos will be considered as earths, such as Thanh Lam, Thu Phương, Hoàng Quyên, Mỹ Tâm, Mỹ Hạnh, Khánh Ly, Tâm Đoan, Uyên Linh…

Mỹ Hạnh

Thanh Lam

Mỹ Tâm

Thu Phương

Uyên Linh

Using Your Earth Voice

 With females, owning an earth voice is a strong point in singing. It makes you special in the most natural way. In fact, most earth-type female singers are more stand-out than ones with metal, water or wood. Their timbres are special and have no trouble impressing the listeners: all they have to do is raise their voice.

Moreover, earth voices even have more power in expressing the emotions in the songs, since they’re thick, strong, deep and warm, and no at all the sharpness in them. The female earths even have their tessitura in the most pretty range, so the emotions they put in the songs are undeniable to the audiences.

However, the earth voices doesn’t have enough flexibility in their singing voice. Their vocal range is not wide, and they will find it hard to switch between ranges or to execute florid techniques.

 Therefore, the most important thing to an earth is to uphold the natural beauty in their voice to process the songs, not to follow the trendy florid techniques. Earths reaches their stunning the best when they sing in the simplest way, but the simple must be comfortable, natural and ensured by good basic skills.

Long Phạm

Mình là Thảo Phương, một cô gái với âm nhạc là nguồn sống ^^. Mình đã từng được vào vòng đối đầu của The Voice và hiện giờ vẫn đang trên con đường làm ca sĩ :).

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